Strathalbyn Garden Club

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The Club's average attendance at its monthly meetings is 90. This from a total of 150+ financial members. In a town of Strathalbyn's size, these are very pleasing figures indeed!

The initial cost to become a new member of the Strathalbyn Garden Club is currently $20, which comprises $10 for a year’s membership subscription, plus $10 joining fee. Continuing membership is then $10 per year thereafter, due at the Annual General Meeting held every June of each year (the Committee reserves the right to alter any future membership fee at the Annual General Meeting in the interests of the welfare of the Club).

If a member is planning to be absent for a significant time, they are encouraged to pay their subscription for the coming year in advance. This will eliminate the need for them to have to pay the additional joining fee if their membership expires while they are away.

The annual membership subscription is kept at a nominal sum as it is subsidised by a Raffle, a Donation Table, a Sellers’ Table and various other fundraising activities.

Image of Tickle Tank Garden - Garden Club Trip November 2011
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