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Useful Gardening Information and Our Members Profiles

SGC 20 02 P Merrick 1.pdf
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 Members Profiles
 Click on the link to read about the lives of our club members and their gardens. Many other profiles can be found on the last page of our regular monthly newsletters.
Thanks to Janet Jones for searching through the archives for past profiles.
Member Profiles  2017_committee_profiles.pdf
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 Ruth Anderson                    
1.4 MB
 Doreen Arney and updated for her 100th birthday celebration
835.1 KB
2.3 MB
 Chris Bourne
1.3 MB
 Maggie Brockhurst
203.3 KB
 Rosemary Boorman
818.3 KB
 Win Buddle
738.2 KB
 Greg Cain
1.4 MB
 Jackie Chapman
1.9 MB
 Barb & Colin Colquhoun  SGC_17_06_P_Barb_and_Colin.pdf
948.0 KB
 Margaret Croser
247.2 KB
 Grahame Daniel  SGC_19_07_P_Grahame_Daniel.pdf
2.3 MB
 Heather Dean  SGC_19_08_P_Dean_1.pdf
1.4 MB
 Penny Fairweather - Part 1  SGC_18_05_P_P_Fairweather.pdf
816.4 KB
 Penny Fairweather - Part 2  SGC_18_06_P_Penny_Fairweather.pdf
2.7 MB
 Jeff Feast  SGC_19_04_P_Feast.pdf
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 Margaret Fraser  SGC_18_03_P_Fraser.pdf
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 Isabel Gordon
325.8 KB
 Irene Hastings
1.8 MB
 Jenny Hazelwood
637.1 KB
 Dawn Hill
1.4 MB
 Annie Hughes  SGC_17_10_P_Hughes_Page_1.pdf
951.2 KB
 Beth Jones
896.2 KB
 Norma Keily
2.6 MB
 Jana Kent
1.2 MB
 Penny Leonard
1.5 MB
 Sue Maddern  SGC_19_02_P_Maddern.pdf
1.3 MB
 Maria Maxwell
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 Heather McMurtrie  17_01_Profile_Heather_McMurtrie.pdf
2.4 MB
 Berryl Merrick SGC_20_02_P_Merrick_1.pdf
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 Karen Michelmore
1.5 MB
 Lyn Michelmore
925.9 KB
 Jan Muller
875.7 KB
 Michael & Rosemary Nelson  17_09_Rosemary_Michael_Nelson.pdf
1.0 MB

 Ros Ness  17_08_P_Ros_Ness_SGC_P_1_.pdf
843.9 KB
 Bob Pappin  SGC_18_01_P_Pappin.pdf
1.1 MB
 Chris Pappin  17_05_Profile_Chris_Pappin.pdf
984.2 KB
 Nigel & Jenny Parker  17_02_Profile_Jenny_and_Nigel_Parker.pdf
2.7 MB
 Val Phillips
1.8 MB
 Rob & Pauline Rattray  17_04_SGC_Rob_Pauline_Rattray.pdf
2.4 MB
 Rosalie Sharpe
1.9 MB
 Lyn Silverman
351.4 KB

 Karen Smith SGC_18_08_P_Smith_1.pdf
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 Helen Stacey-Bunton  SGC_18_07_P_Helen_Stacey_Bunton.pdf
873.0 KB
 David Thomas
935.2 KB
 Denise Thomson
938.4 KB
 Harold Threadgold
2.4 MB

 Helen Threadgold
1.2 MB
 Kerry Vaninetti  SGC_18_09_P_Vaninetti.pdf
673.6 KB
 Colin Wakelin
8.5 MB
 Jenny Way  SGC_20_07_P_Jenny_Way_1.pdf
1.3 MB
 Jocelyn Williamson SGC_18_02_P_Williamson.pdf
895.7 KB

 Graham Withers  SGC_19_03_P_Withers.pdf
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Jan Withers
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 Garden Events over the Years
 Garden Competition 2009
6.8 MB
 November Garden Trip 2011
13.5 MB
 Trip  13_08_Trip.pdf
3.8 MB
 Hamlyn Cottage 2014
7.0 MB
 Hills Trip 2014
6.1 MB
 Open Gardens 2014
7.2 MB
 Sgorra Bhreac Garden 2015
6.4 MB
 Murray Bridge Trip 2015
7.8 MB
 Anlaby Trip 1
7.2 MB
 Anlaby Trip 2
8.1 MB
 Cavalcade of Gardens - October, 2018 SGC_19_01_P_Cavalcade.pdf
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  Banksia Flowers - the old and the new

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Watch a video -  What Goes On in the Garden When You Aren't Watching

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